1. Before 1763 what were the colonies use to doing for around 100 years?

2. What were some of the mahor effects of the French and Indian War?

3. Even though the proclamation of 1763 was supposed to promote peace, what did it do instead?

4. The Stamp Act was the first tax placed on the colonies by Parliament (British Government ). What upset the colonists the most about the stamp act?

5. What is “taxation without representation”? Know that is was one of the main reasons why most colonists opposed the Townshed and Tea Acts?

6. What was the boston massacre. What did the Patriots use this event as?

7. What were the Intolerable Acts? Who were they made to punish and why? What kinds of things did the acts do? What was their original name?

8. Did the Intolerable Acts turn the colonies against each othe, or unite them together, and how?

9. What did the fighting at Lexington and Concord prove?

10. Which was a direct tax, the Sugar Act or the stamp act?

11. Know what the Writs of Assistance allowed the British Soldiers to do?

12. What did John Lock say, belive? Be able to explain it in detail?

13. Who said “Give me liberty or give me death”? What did he mean by it?

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