4 Page homework

Every online course has a required library assignment due. 

Your library assignment is a 4-5 page long research paper including the cover and the references pages  

The Library Research Assignment is to be on a “Type of Foundation used in Residential or CommercialConstruction” written in MS WORD DOCUMENT Form. You may also do a study on “Common types of Foundation Systems in your area”, or “Retaining Wall Designs”, etc. If somebody would like to do a research study on a related topic that is not covered in our textbook, then he/she needs to get the Instructor’s approval.  

Supporting materials such as charts, Power Point Presentations or pictures can be used in preparation of the Library Research Assignment. A”List of References” indicating the sources used to build your assignment must be included in your paper and cited in the body of your text. The Library Assignment must be prepared by using APA Format (no copy and paste from the references) and should follow the Everglades University’s Library Guidelines contained herein.  

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