A viable social media strategy

Title: A viable social media strategy
Paper type Research Paper
Language style English (U.S.)
Deadline 28th April 2019 @ 03:40:58 A.M. (London Time)
Paper format APA
Course level Undergraduate
Subject Area Nursing
# pages 6   ( or 1650 words Minimum)
Spacing Double Spacing
Cost $ 30.00
# sources 4
Paper Details Assignment Details Both social media and the Internet have changed the way that health care organizations market to their target populations.  Complete the following: 1) You have been asked by the chief executive officer (CEO) of a local health care organization in your city or town to create a viable social media strategy for the target market.  2) Additionally, he asks that you develop a marketing research tool that will help the organization understand its target market.  The use of APA Style and at least 4 references within the last 5 years is required.

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