analyze a chronic cardiovascular disease

CASE STUDY 3 – Reflecting on week 4’s lessons in the syllabus, select a patient population (pediatric, young adult, adult or geriatric), and briefly analyze a chronic cardiovascular disease (HTN, Heart failure, Dyslipidemia, Heart murmur etc.…), that  may affect this population. Briefly tell how it impacts the patient’s  quality of life and analyze the current research evidence on this topic  and gold standard of care if any for your chosen population. (You may  use an example from your clinical rotation (past or present) that you  have encountered). Describe how you, the FNP, can/or have made a  difference in the care of patients with this specific disease and tell  of one specific patient care teaching that he/she may do to help  minimize disease symptoms. Please post your  CS directly in the thread so that your colleagues can see it and be sure  to read and respond/comment on one of your colleagues posting.

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