Are there any ethical issues that should be considered?

Although some insects are beneficial, others can vector diseases and destroy crops. As the climate changes and the world population continues to grow, there is an increasing need to protect people and crops from insect pests. Historically, pests have been controlled with insecticides and biological controls. Unfortunately, insecticides are not target specific and they also harm important pollinators. In addition, over time pests are able to develop resistance to insecticides, rendering them useless. Given these difficulties, it has been proposed that genetic modification be used to control insect pests.

Please read Leftwich, P. T., Bolton, M., & Chapman, T. (2016). Evolutionary biology and genetic techniques for insect control. Evolutionary Applications, 9(1), 212-230.

For this essay you will identify one insect species that is being considered for biological modification as potential for pest control. You will conduct a literature review, identify at least three (3) peer reviewed journal articles, and summarize your findings.

Your Essay 2 submission will be a well-organized informative 1500 – 2000 word essay that explains, describes, analyzes and examines what techniques are being used to create a GM insect. Please make sure you include:

Summary of the research that is being conducted

Are there any ethical issues that should be considered?

If this insect is eradicated, how will the ecosystem be impacted?

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