Based on part 1’s analysis, indicate a set of realistic fundraising activities that the nonprofit will conduct to achieve its fundraising priorities.


For the second part of the class project, you will develop a fundraising plan for the selected nonprofit organization based on the analysis conducted in part 1 of the project. You will also create a document which includes the information from part 1 of the project, revised based on feedback, and part 2 of the project, and developed this week.

For part 2 of the project, develop the following information:

  1. Based on part 1’s analysis, indicate a set of realistic fundraising activities that the nonprofit will conduct to achieve its fundraising priorities. There should be a minimum of three types of activities indicated. The amount of funds each type of activity will yield should be included in this section.
  2. Related to each fundraising activity, indicate the main tasks that will be conducted to complete each activity, what type of stakeholder will complete each main task, and when the task will be completed. This information should be presented in a Microsoft Word table inserted into the assignment. Some tasks should be completed by volunteers.
  3. Briefly discuss why each type of stakeholder was selected to perform the specific assigned tasks.
  4. Discuss strategies for recruitment of the various types of stakeholders that will complete fundraising assignments. Recommend specific methods to recruit each type of stakeholder.
  5. Analyze potential ethical and logistical issues related to each fundraising activity and make recommendations to address each issue.
  6. Provide an overall summative evaluation of the nonprofit’s fundraising capabilities.

Submit a written document that includes the analysis information developed in week 3, revised based on feedback, and the information developed in week 5, detailed above

The document should include a:

  • Cover page
  • Analysis information from week 3 revised based on feedback
  • Summary of the fundraising activities that will be conducted to achieve the nonprofit’s funding priorities
  • Fundraising Plan as a Microsoft Word table inserted into the document
  • Stakeholder and recruitment information
  • Potential ethical and logistical issues and recommendations
  • Evaluation of the nonprofit’s fundraising capabilities
  • Reference page
  • Case Statement as an appendix

Submission Details:

  • Cite all sources and provide references in APA format on a separate page.Running Head: All About The United Way of Greenville County


    The United Way of Greenville County

    All About The United Way of Greenville County
    Project Analysis: Fundraising

    By: Ameki Lee

    MPA6100 SU01 Non-profit Fundraising and Volunteer Development

    Dr. Elizabeth Dugan



    There are so many parents that can’t afford for their children to go to school these, because it is very expensive. It is also highly expensive for adults as well. There are so many families out there that struggle to put food on their tables, clothes on their back, because time is truly hard. I think every child and adult deserves a chance to excel, and succeed in life. There is one particular organization that helps give everyone in need that chance, and to learn how to be their own person. This organization is called The United Way of Greenville County. The United Way of Greenville is a spectacular organization for a child to be in, to learn everything they need to know in school. It also helps adults get their GED, or high school diploma. The United Way of Greenville’s vision is for everyone in Greenville County to be successful in life. United Way of Greenville’s mission is to bring everyone together as a whole, and to help them learn. They want all of their graduates to be prepared and to find great jobs in the future . The United Way of Greenville constantly challenge their selves to quickly stay on their toes, to reach for greatness, to think outside of the box, and to work together to be able to build success for everyone in Greenville County.

    United Way of Greenville’s Net Contributed Income

    In 2017, The United Way of Greenville had raised an awesome amount of $16,662,591. In 2016, they have raised about $125,000 less then what they did last year. There were also no more than 1,500 volunteers (Mitchell, 2018). Although the United Way of Greenville is not quite the largest charity in town, they still manage to keep raising money, and maintain an incredibly well net income. United Way raises all of their money so they could help any, and everyone they possibly can to become successful in life. United way is strengthened by all of their supporters, staff, and all of the people they help support. I think The United Way of Greenville constantly keep increasing their number of donors, because if they keep increasing their income will definitely increase as well. United Way has donors that give them a great deal of money, because they believe in them and know they will continue to strive for their community. Any organization should build a good friendly relationship with all of their supporters, as well as their potential supporters. I think if you get in good with them, they would spread the work on how nice, and genuine your organization truly is.

    The Usage of United Way’s funds

    The United Way of Greenville uses their funds on getting all of the books, and supplies that everyone needs to perform well on their academics. They use their funds to take care of the upkeep of the organization. The United Way also spends their money on advertisement, so that their organization would be well-known. This is just to build up their reputation more so they can receive more donors, adults, and children. United Way of Greenville’ staff always makes sure they stay on a yearly budget, so they can maintain their limits of spending. There are several types of fundraising activities. Some of which are scholarships, special events, and other special programs. There are some programs that involves cause-related and grantsmanship. There are a lot more fundraising activities out there that helps with education, shelter, food, clothes, and anything else you could think of. I think that it is always nice to give if you can.

    Deserving Support

    I personally think United Way of Greenville deserves all of the support from their community and donors, because they mean well and wants to help the people in their community get the education they deserve. Honestly, I think that every nonprofit organization deserves all the support they can get. The reason why I say this is, because these organizations don’t have to do what they do to help people in this world. It is a choice, and the decision they made out of the kindness of their hearts to do so.

    United Way’s SWOT Analysis

    In order to recommend target industries for Greenville County, it is important to understand the County’s strengths and challenges. This is done through a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis. The County’s SWOT analysis is both quantitative, and qualitative (Hughes & Vedders, 2013). The one-on-one interviews by the Applied Marketing staff, is a part of the analysis portion of the qualitative side. For the quantitative analysis portion, it involves the strengths, weaknesses, and threats which the information is from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Census Bureau. SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face. SWOT is particularly powerful; because it can help you uncover opportunities you can exploit (SWOT Analysis: Discover New Opportunities, Manage and Eliminate Threats, 2018).


    In conclusion, The United Way strives to help educate their community. They manage to keep raising money, and maintain an incredibly well net income. For such a big company, it is always good to keep yourself on a budget. This is so that every year you’ll know exactly what you are spending. Every organization had has their strengths, and weaknesses that they will undergo. This is how you grow, learn from your mistakes, and know how to manage year-to-year. I think that every organization needs support from their donors, community and team, because this is how the organization builds their trust on the ones that really supports them.

    References Hughes, J., & Vedders, J. (2013, May). Greenville Area Development Corp. Retrieved from Applied Marketing: file:///C:/Users/alee/Downloads/gadc_target_industry_study_8.pdf Mitchell, A. B. (2018, January 25). Greenville News. Retrieved from United Way just misses $17M fund-raising goal, so what’s next?: SWOT Analysis: Discover New Opportunities, Manage and Eliminate Threats. (2018). Retrieved from Mind tools: United Way: United Way of Greenville County. (2018). Retrieved from Vision, Mission, and Values:


    The United Way of Greenville County Fundraising efforts

    · This chart shows from the income that is raised from years 2016 to 2018. This year has really increased nicely.

    · In this chart it shows how many adults, children, and volunteers joined The United Way of Greenville.

    2016 2017 2018 0 200 280 300Yearly Chart

    Adults 2016 2017 2018 200 280 300 Children 2016 2017 2018 100 165 210 Volunteers 2016 2017 2018 1500 2000 2500Years

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