Building Teams and Resolving Conflicts

#1 Building Teams and Resolving Conflicts

Individual Project 3- 6 paragraphs


You are preparing to write an article for a professional magazine regarding the value of diversity in teams. Diversity can include any of the following:



National origin


Sexual orientation

Marital status

Parental status





Geographic location of residence

Financial status

Artistic endeavors


Research the subject using the library and Internet, and prepare an outline or a draft of the article you are to write.



Discussion Board  3- 6 paragraphs


You are participating in a networking group with professionals from other companies, and you start discussing some of the problems that someone is having with a group in his company. As you listen, the person says that he wants to break up the group, delegate responsibilities, and manage what needs to be done.


You want to make the point that groups and teams are a natural part of business and help make a company efficient. You also want to make the point that this person may need to reevaluate his approach. Use the library and the Internet to research your response and opinion on how you would handle this situation.

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