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Unit6Disc1 Intelligence: From Theory to Test Resources Attributes and Evaluation of Discussion Contributions. Professional Communications and Writing Guide. In this unit, you are introduced to a variety of theories of intelligence, including Spearman’s two-factor theory (1927), Cattell-Horn’s two-factor theory (1966), Luria’s information processing approach (1966), Cattell-Horn and Carroll’s CHC model (1997), and Carroll’s three-stratum theory...


assignment 6

Assignment: Reflection: Synthesis You have accomplished a lot in the past 5 weeks of this course—exploring many fascinating faith traditions from around the world and from ancient history through to the modern day. You’ve learned to see religion not just as a fixed set of rituals, but as an interrelationship between people, religious spaces, religious...


Assignment one

Resource: Sample Annotated Bibliography  Choose a disorder of childhood or adolescence.  Conduct a literature review on the chosen disorder.  Create an annotated bibliography.  Include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed articles.  Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.  .