Chapter 9 – Microbial Genetics 1. The sum total of genetic material of the cell is called the ________, and in bacteria consists of the ____________…

___ ___ ___

10. Provide the function for the following enzymes.




DNA Polymerase I

DNA Polymerase III


11. The study of changes in gene expression that occurs without alteration to genes is called


12. Noncoding regions in eukaryotic DNA are called ________. These have _______ functions

and alter gene expression.

13. Shift pairing of RNA at the third position is called ____________.

14. An operon is composed of _____.

15. In the Lac operon, if lactose is present, the operator of the lac operon is switched ____;

therefore, this is an example of a(n) ______ operon.

16. Name the 4 methods of horizontal gene transmission and how each occurs.

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