Child Abuse

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Name: Sonja McDonald

Course Name: ENG 111-2902

Institution: Fayetteville Technical Community College

Instructor: Professor Stephanie High

Date: 17 July 2019

Child Abuse

This research paper will tackle a review of child abuse as an imminent issue in the current civilization. Child abuse is an issue that is currently happening in society and traces its roots to ancient times. However, in the modern world, the categorization and the definition of child abuse has changed. Definition of child abuse will involve the inclusion of the different forms of the abuse, common modes of child abuse and the interventions that can be used for addressing the issues of child abuse. There are different reasons as to why the research study about child abuse is important in the current world because the gathering of data and information about child abuse will help in the devising of strategies and ways of addressing this crisis. According to reports by different organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), most of the cases of child abuse can be avoided or even treated. Proper knowledge of forms of child abuse can be resourceful in eliminating these vices in the society. Child abuse involves physical, sexual, neglect, and even emotional or psychological torture according to Vachon et al. (25).

The rationale behind child abuse as the focal point of the study is to pass information to the people about the adverse effects associated with the practice. Again, mention some of the interventions which can be used to address the issue and the possible reasons behind this kind of animosity on minors. Consequently, researching on this topic of child abuse helps in the minimization of cots that would have been incurred fostering care, counseling in the family as well as medical care. Rationally, most people still have the mentality and perception that child abuse is characterized by the old definitions of working in farms and factories as well as plantations. However, in the current world, child abuse has been revolutionized as well. Issues of sexual abuse and exploitation, such as trafficking, rape, and commercial sex are emerging issues in child abuse. Adverse effects of child abuse are evident in the case of depression, school dropouts and withdrawal cases among the causalities as expounded by Jud (17). Since issues of child abuse have been ignored in the society, analysis and research on this issue will help in the addressing and handling of this issue.

Different definitions and forms of child abuse have been suggested by both scholars and researchers. Child abuse sometimes referred to as child maltreatment involves the previously identified forms, that is sexual, emotional, neglect and physical base acts to a minor. Most of the countries have been sensitizing on the issue of child abuse, with these four notable forms of child abuse having penalties and custody depending on the seriousness of the case. Different perceptions and ideas have been presented concerning corporal punishment, as a form of child abuse and a technique of discipline. As a way of redefining corporal punishment, the effects need not affect the child in any form, whether emotionally or physically (Mendelson 846). On the contrary, corporal punishment has been identified as an offense worth detention.

Additionally, the issue of maltreatment impacts a child in varies ways, such as psychological, social as well as somatic consequences which tend to be evident in the adult stage of development. Victims of child abuse have trust issues and this unveils itself even in adulthood. It is therefore important to develop interventions aimed at reducing and mitigating the instances of child maltreatment, which is essential for the policymakers about the provision of information on the scope as well as characteristics. Surveys have been used by different researchers and organizations in counting the child maltreatment in the entire population. The studies have been able to point out the adverse effects of child abuse right from health to physical affliction (Mendelson 850). Apart from strict child protection laws, there are lobby groups including the United Nations Human Rights Commission that safeguard the sanctity of human life.

Having knowledge and information about child maltreatment by policymakers will help in the making of plans which are concrete on the allocation of resources, training officials and reorganizing of the system so that it becomes easy to respond. The government needs to set up child protection centers to cater to the unfortunate victims. Practical knowledge must be inculcated into school syllabus to create awareness on how to handle child predators (Tiyyagura and Gunjan 450). As a result, there is need to sensitize the importance of treatment to child abuse as well as maltreatment, the imposition of strategies for monitoring and communication for the improvement of the safety of the children at large.

Some of the common refutations about maltreatment in the United States is that most of the children who seek treatment are handled without the inclusion of pediatric services which have specialization. Failure to identify the barriers and facilitators of detection plays an important role in the inability to address maltreatment adequately and sufficiently. Van der Kolk and Bessel (375) explain that some of the reasons for poor treatment of abused children may include: follow-up activities are not usually done, the mentality of the people about some issues such as testing in the law court and the lack of clarity of the importance of consultation and treatment.

Again, some families tend to be unaware of the effects of maltreatment on their children. This implies that the affected families might show some reluctance in seeking medical help. Despite the sensitizing of the traumatic effects of the maltreatment, most of the people are not aware of the importance and the effectiveness of treatment in helping children recover. A victim exposed to early treatment may recover quickly and finally overcome the trauma. Parents and guardians need to take the first step in identifying abused kids. A well-informed society should be able to quickly mark out strange behaviors among children indicating sexual abuse.

In conclusion, the issue of child maltreatment is a crisis that needs to be addressed with immediate effect. Cases of child abuse are reported worldwide daily presenting the need for urgent action. The effects of this dereliction are far much diverse affecting and infecting both victims and society at large. It is high time the whole society comes forth and says no child abuse through policies and laws safeguarding the rights of young ones. Implementation of parental-focus training may curb child abuse to a greater percentage. Not one child is safe in the current world due to ever-increasing cases of child abuse reported all the social media.

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