conducted a review of the recent literature and created an annotated bibliography


Throughout the course, you have been completing discussion boards, learning activities, and assignments with the intention of utilizing those tools and knowledge to culminate a Final Project where you propose a health intervention, project, or program for your chosen health issue.

At this point, you have chosen a health theory (Unit 2), conducted a review of the recent literature and created an annotated bibliography (Unit 2), created goals and objectives for your program (Unit 4), and reflected and revised those goals to be culturally sensitive (Unit 6). Now it is time to synthesize that information and create a 5–7-page report (excluding title page, reference pages, and appendices) with your proposed intervention. Although you completed aspects of this project in other units, for this unit, you will imagine that this report is for your supervisor. To this end, your report should be comprehensive and formatted as a professional deliverable. You may borrow content from previous assignments, but attempt to substantively revise and synthesize that information.

You will attach all your previous assignments (2, 4, and 6) as appendices to the end of your paper.


  •  Provide proper APA style citation and referencing for all sources used to develop goals and objectives.
  •  Submit your Assignment to the DropBox for grading by the due date.
    Running head: FIRST 5-7 WORDS OF TITLE IN ALL CAPS 1

    PU505 – Health Behavior Theory: Unit 8 Assignment – Final Project

    Jane R. Smith

    Kaplan University

    Theory-based Health Behavior Intervention


    Provide a review of literature in which you discuss the health outcome and behavior you have selected. Provide an overview of the current state of the issue and behavior and include current statistics and literature to support your ideas/conclusions.

    The discussion should also include a discussion of the theory/theories identified from your review of literature (most of this was probably found for the Unit 2 Assignment) with an emphasis on what findings from previous research suggests are the most significant predictors (i.e. which constructs) for the behavior.

    Finally, you can also include your ideas about diversity and multiculturalism and how these ideas fit with your specific health issue and behavior; that is, what cultural aspects should/did you consider when trying to understand the behavior? Also, discuss how any cultural considerations affected your development of goals and objectives, and how they might inform intervention development.

    Goals and Objectives

    In this section, include your goals and objectives developed during completion of the Units 4 and 6 assignments.

    Goal 1:

    Objective 1:

    Objective 2:

    Goal 2:

    Objective 1:

    Objective 2:

    Goal 3:

    Objective 1:

    Objective 2:

    Health Behavior Intervention

    In this section, you will describe the intervention(s) you developed to change your identified health behavior. The discussion should include specific details about the intervention, including the type of intervention (e.g. educational, policy), a discussion of the theory/theories that lead you to this type of intervention, and how/why this/these intervention(s) will change behavior based on the theory/theories you’ve chosen. Finally, discuss how changes in these behaviors are related to reaching your stated goals and objectives.


    You will need to comply with APA style 6th edition. Visit the KU library or student resources for more information. In addition, you should have at least one source per page of text. You may use websites as a reference (as long as the website is credible and objective). Notice that this section has a first line that is not tabbed and the remaining lines are tabbed. Until you begin….

    A new line. This is APA Style. Read more information on APA References for more information. However, keep in mind that this page is formatted specifically for references.

    Cite your textbook and all of sources you used to complete this assignment.


    In this appendix, you will include all previous assignments: Unit 2, Unit 4, and Unit 6. You may paste your previous assignments into this appendix.

    Edit the colored text and keep the black text.

    Delete this textbox. (

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