Critical thinking assignment 7


we have been learning about diversity and stereotypes we sometimes have of diverse peoples. This assignment is intended to make you think a bit about your own stereotypes. Stereotypes affect all of us and this assignment is your opportunity to do some self-exploration while having some fun with this story. (After you have read Chapters 10, 11 and 12, in sociology in Modules 4th Edition  Richard T. Schaefer)  complete this assignment. It has finally happened: the end of the earth as we know it. A nuclear attack has started and it is expected that within the next two hours the entire earth will be destroyed. In preparation for such an event, an underground bunker was developed that will hold ten people and sustain them for five years until they can then leave the bunker and begin life back on earth. By that time the radiation will be within a range that humans can live. You have been chosen to lead the next group that will begin the world anew. You may be saved. You must decide who will survive and live in the bunker with you. Which of the following will you choose? Why would you choose those people? Remember that you may only choose 9 people other than yourself. If you choose more, then all of you will die as there are only supplies for 10 people in the bunker. 22 year old black female athlete that has been using and is addicted to steroids 30 year old Hispanic male professional athlete that is a homosexual 24 year old pregnant female that is addicted to cocaine Rabbi that is 63 years old Black protestant minister that is 27 Female Chinese microbiologist that is 32 and a lesbian 26 year old English teacher that has AIDS 23 year old male farmer and his 21 year old wife that has smallpox. The farmer refuses to come without his wife. 43 year old musician who is an excellent hunter 29 year old historian 35 year old prostitute 68 year old civil engineer 42 year old female linguistics professor 37 year old male homosexual chemist 75 year old medical doctor 34 year old Navy S.E.A.L. with P.T.S.D. that refuses to come without his weapon and ammunition 38 year old Mexican drug lord 26 year old housewife that refuses to come without her 8 year old child that is mentally challenged 48 year old male biologist that is agoraphobic Write your answer of who you will save and why as one 3-5 paragraph essay. Your essay should be at least 500 words and appropriately have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

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