Topic: Desalination Technology for Management Water Issue in California


·      Guideline:  Literature review. General info about water problem in California and information about desalination also use (case studies from different country) to clear the point of view.

·      The water issue in California.

·      Solation is : Desalination… Example of desalination in California; (proposition) Association of California Water agency state Proposition 1 to solve water problem in California. (Why should they look at this solution?, what are their planning? how are they goinogn to used the propoesd money Mention another country who used desalination in solving water issue and the benefit that the got from it.

·      Pros and cons of desalination.

·      Conclusion and recommendation. 

·      15 pages, APA styles, and cite scholar resources.

 you can look and read bout the PPOPOSTION 1 in the following web:

 I have attached some related article … use more article and let me know if you cannot reach it


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