Development of skills to train others in technical areas such as “Energy and Power”

Lab Assignment 7 (Case Study 7):

(IT 52 Electricity and Electronics Class; Professor Mahalik)

Development of skills to train others in technical areas such as “Energy and Power”

In this Lab Assignment (LA) you will develop skill to teach others. The topic will be around Energy and Power.

To Do

Prepare a PowerPoint File on the topic “Energy and Power”. Consider the following when preparing the PowerPoint/Microsoft Word file.

1. The first slide (first slide) must have the title of the Topic i.e., Energy and Power.

2. The second slide should have listed the sub-topics under the slide title Outline.

3. The following slides should have the contents of the sub-topics listed in the Outline. Each sub-topic should have multiple slides (see the Sample)

4. The file must have a Summary or Conclusion slide.

5. The file should have 5-10 questions at the end.

6. The file should have at least 10 slides excluding first slide, Outline slide, and Conclusion slide.

7. The text size should be at least 16. The text size for the Title can be 24-30 bold.

8. The total word count of the file (whether PowerPoint or MicroSoft Word) must be at least 500 Words.

9. The file should have Figures and Tables (if needed).

NOTES: See attached Sample [Note: In the Sample the topic is Nonotechnology, however, your topic in the Lab Assignment is Energy and Power!]. You may use the Template file that is uploaded to the Blackboard. It is your responsibility to know how to use PowerPoint for development of PowerPoint slides for this Assignment. If you, however, do not know how to use PowerPoint, you can prepare the same using Microsoft Word (MS Word) application in MS Windows platform.

Turn in the file in PPT format or MS Word format. To stay on safe side, you may convert the PPT to PDF and turn in both the formats (PPT and PDF).

Please do not turn in a blank file!

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