Discussion Question 1: Internet-Based Legal Resources

Need help please

I have 2 questions needing to be answered.  do not need to provide title page or seperate reference sheet. References can be put at the bottom of each of the responses to the questions (Question 1, references posted at end of response, Questions 2 reference posted at end of response.). 

A little more than half a page each should cover it as long as you provided substantual responses to each of the questions. if you can provide page each or almost page for each question would be great. But please no less than what was stated at start of this paragraph.

If you have any questions please ask will clear up anything that need clairification just let me know.

My funds are very limited at this time and can only afford to do 15 dollars.  Please help me with my work.

Week 4 Discussion

Discussion Question 1: Internet-Based Legal Resources

There is no title page needed you may provide the references on the sheet with the answers to the questions.

Locate five basic Internet-based legal resources (i.e., Findlaw.com).

Based on your research, answer the following questions:

· How would these resources help you in the legal field?

· How would you evaluate the reliability of each of these sources and verify how current the information is for each?

There is no title page needed you may provide the references on the sheet with the answers to the questions.

Discussion Question 2: Preventing Client Confidentiality Breaches

With nationwide electronic filing anyone with Internet access and specialized software for reading electronic court documents can open up all court documents. This poses a privacy risk because court documents often contain personal information such as names and addresses and financial information.

Debate and list the security measures law offices or courts can take to prevent potential privacy breaches posed by widespread electronic filing. Research the bar rules of your state regarding confidentiality to see whether electronic filing is mentioned

Please be sure that question 1 and question 2 are answered separately not as one question and place the references at the bottom with the questions they go to not all together like it is for one paper. please if you have questions let me know I will help to clarify any confusion.

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