Do you think that NAFTA will follow the path of the European Union and allow free movement of labor across borders? Why or why not?


2.       Which political system is best suited for today’s era of globalization? Why? List some countries as examples of the political system you selected.


3.       A lot of people, including politicians, tend to think of exports as positive for the economy and imports as negative. What is your opinion on this topic? Provide some examples of countries that pursue this concept.


4.       In your opinion, what is the difference, if any, of the McDonald’s brand image in the U.S. versus overseas? What about the image of Apple? Which of the two images is more consistent and why?


5.       The Euro has had many problems during the last few years with the sovereign debt crisis in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. Is this a positive or negative development for the U.S. economy? Why?


6.       Go online and find a foreign commercial for a U.S. product that is sold oversees. Briefly describe the commercial (and include the link), so that your classmates get some idea of what it is about. Would this commercial work in the U.S.? Why or why not?


7.       Read the Group Simulation Strategy Reports of the other groups that have been uploaded to Doc Sharing. Provide some comments on the reports of the other groups.


Book  Keegan, W.J. & Green, M.C. (2013). Global marketing (7th ed.). Boston: MA, Prentice Hall.

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