Eliminating Barriers Within Communities in the United States

Eliminating Barriers Within Communities in the United States

1. Respond to the prompts below in full sentences.  Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling:

2. As a community health nurse, you work with migrant workers in your community. Access to health care in the rural areas of the United States is a major concern.

· Discuss possible barriers to health care this population group may face.

· How will you intervene to eliminate or at least minimize these barriers?

Addresses each question fully. States a relevant, justifiable answer. Presents arguments in a logical order. Uses APA style and grammar Demonstrates an accurate and complete understanding of the questions Backs conclusions with data and warrants (articles, journals, research). Uses 2 or more ideas, examples and/or arguments that support the answer. This paper will be graded based on these criteria. Indicate 3 or more references for any site used. Good writing still. Will be checked for grammar and plagiarism. 250-300 words paper not include cover page and reference page.

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