1. Exam 986098: Write a composition arguing for or against the limitation of speed limits. Your composition needs to be three to five paragraphs long. It must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. [750 words required]




2. Write a letter of complaint. Follow the rules for a business letter, and use the full-block style. The complaint may be about anything you wish (such as malfunctioning equipment, poor building maintenance, or disruptive noises from a nearby business). You can base your letter on a true experience, or you can make up all the details you need.




3. Exam 007868: The Writing Skills Writing Assignment:


You are asked to write a personal essay, based solely on your first-hand personal experience(s), told from the first-person point of view (using the pronoun “I”), Word length requirement of 1600 words. This essay should not require or contain any type of research; it should be told from thoughts and memories. [ APA style, Check for Plagirism required; Original writing only]


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