Explain the Bhutanese views on happiness.

Watch “Positive Psychology” from in the

  • Canadian Broadcasting Corp.(2008). Positive Psychology (03:59) [Video file] in How to Be Happy! Positive Psychology in Action, Films on Demand.
  • Journeyman Pictures (2008). Introducing Tourism (01:30) [Video file], Films on Demand.
  • Mary Ann Watson (2013). The Pursuit of Happiness in Ethiopia and the U.S.: Intercultural Connections (19:18) [Video file], Films on Demand.

Write a 350- 400 word paper describing your reaction to the video with respect to the Bhutanese views on happiness.

Include the following:

  • Explain the Bhutanese views on happiness.
  • Provide specific examples from the video that you found interesting or meaningful. Why?
  • Contrast the “good life” as reflected in Bhutanese and American culture.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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