Explain the positive social change impact and the CSR initiative’s impact on the organization

Assignment: 8–10 pages

  • Describe the organization, its mission, size, location, ranking, profits, etc.
  • Provide a summary of when the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was started and its role in the organization.
  • Explain the positive social change impact and the CSR initiative’s impact on the organization (i.e. on employees, leadership, profit).
  • Provide ethical considerations you think were (are) associated with the CSR initiative and if you were consulting with this organization, how you would address the ethical considerations you identified.Corporate Social Responsibility: Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc.

    Shauna Davis

    Walden University



    What is?

    Corporate Social Responsibility?

    Ethics in CSR

    Social Change

    How do the social change and CSR connect?

    In this presentation there are three things that we are going to look at. These are CSR, Ethics in CSR and Social Change. It is important to note that we shall be looking at how these later two are connected to Corporate social responsibility. The slide shows a picture that illustrates some of the things that govern social responsibility and it is evident that ethics is highlighted as one of the major arms of CSR.


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Commonly known as CSR

    A company’s effort to give back to community it serves


    Economic Responsibility

    Environmental Sustainability

    Acts of philanthropy

    Ethical business practices



    Members of the Community

    Profit Organizations

    Non-profit organizations

    Environment (Lindgreen & Swaen, 2010).

    CSR is simply the efforts that any organization or company make in order to serve community it works in better. This could include giving back to the community through philanthropic giving, ensuring ethical business practices, ensuring their operations do not negatively impact the environment and change the lives of the community members it serves directly or indirectly. In the named activities all companies have a responsibility towards achieving this for the benefit of community members or the environment and it is best achieved when the employees or staff participate (Lindgreen & Swaen, 2010).


    Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings Inc.

    An American company that makes Ice-cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet.

    Number 1 of 20 top CSR companies in 2017

    It allocates 7.5% of its pretax profit to philanthropic acts

    Allocates more than $1.8m annually (Nupur, July 2017).

    Engages in;

    community based projects

    grant awarding corporate charity

    employee generosity

    use of fair trade ingredients

    advocating for social change

    This is an American company that sells Ice-cream, yoghurt and sorbet. Almost since its inception, the company participated in charity and currently have a budget of 7.5% of their profits before tax dedicated to social responsibility. In an article published in 2017 it was the first in a list of 20 companies that take CSR seriously. These are some of its engagements in CSR.


    Ethics in Corporate Social Responsibility

    Moral values governing conduct

    CSR itself is an ethical requirement in Business

    CSR has to be conducted in ways that are applicable to the governing morals of the immediate environment (Griseri & Seppala, 2010).

    Ethics are moral values or principles on which the conduct of a people, an organization or nation is based on. Carrying out corporate social responsibilities activities is in its own way an ethical act. Conducting these activities effective and efficiently while considering the values held dear by those directly targeted by the CSR is being ethical too. Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship are the major ethics on which CSR acts are grounded. Ben & Jerry’s show these ethical values by having CSR policies and programs for the employees as well as the society.


    Social Change

    Changes in human interactions

    Result in cultural change and change in social order

    Companies can be agents of social change (Visser, 2011).

    Ben & Jerry’s achieves this through social and environmental justice and sustainable food systems.

    Caused by:

    Social conflict

    Cultural change

    Technological advancements

    Population growth

    Change in population composition

    Environmental changes

    Social change is simply a change in the composition, structure, order or functions of a society as a result of human or environmental factors. Human factors contributing to social change include; conflict, technology advancements, culture changes and even change in population composition amongst others (Visser, 2011). Ben & Jerry’s as a CSR company advocates for social change by direct action into programs that support social and environmental justice as well as sustainable food systems. Proposals around the three interests are funded by their active foundation.


    Intersection of CSR, Ethics and Social Change

    From the above explanations in previous slides it is clear that the three terms are interconnected. Corporate social responsibility uses ethics to advocate for social change. Positive social change is a major aspect of business ethics as much as it is an anticipated result of corporate social responsibility.


    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Social Change



    CSR is a responsibility of all companies

    Whether they are profit making or not

    CSR affects the environment and community

    Ben & Jerry’s is a good example of a highly

    responsible CSR company

    Ethics are important in CSR

    CSR should push for positive social change



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