Fish assignment

Fish assignment

Descriptive statistics

Different tests:

Test I:

From the data given we find that the temperature and ph level remains the same for all days. Hence there cannot be any variation due to these elements.

Tank I and Tank 2: Group I

Tank 3 and Tank 4: Group II

The factor is the comparison of difference in oxygen levels after feeding.

Group I average oxygen level before food = 8.27

Group II average oxygen level before food = 8.117

Group I average oxygen level after food = 8.6349

Group II average oxygen level after food = 8.6383

Difference in oxygen level for group I = 8.6349-8.27 = 0.3649

Difference in oxygen level for group II = 8.6383-8.117 = 0.5213


H0: There is no change in oxygen level because of protein food

Ha: There is decrease in oxygen level because fish take more oxygen after protein food.

One tailed test for difference in oxygen level.

Significance level = 0.05 (say)

Var of group I = Var before food+ variance after food for tank 1 and 2

= 0.00056+0.09305 = 0.09361

Number n = 40

Variance of group II = 0.0930+0.0988 = 0.1918

N =40

Conclusion: Since p value is not less than 0.05 there is no statistical evidence of association of protein food to increase consumption of oxygen by fish.

II Paired t test:

H0: UD = U1 – U2 = 0, where UD equals the mean of the population of difference scores across the two measurements.

Ha: UD not equals 0.

N =40

T = -0.1564/

P = 0.495

Since p > 0.05, we accept null hypothesis that the differences in the two difference levels of oxygen are almost zero.

III) Anova test:

H0: There is no association between treatments and control

Ha: There is association between the two.

F = 555.384 and p =0.00

Since p <0.05 reject null hypothesis.

There is no association between protein food and oxygen intake.

Note: We get the same conclusion in all the three test.

Excel sheet is enclosed which calculated mean, Std deviation and the data taken is the first day of tank 1 and 2 before food, and last day of tank 1, tank 2 after food

And similarly for tank3 and 4.

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