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Assignment 2: Article Analysis

In this assignment, you will critically evaluate articles in the field of adult development. Each week, you will read two articles from the Annual Editions: Human Development textbook (see the weekly readings for the chosen articles). For each article, do the following:Write a summary.Describe the main points of the article and how it relates to the week’s course and text readings.Evaluate the article on the basis of your own thoughts and perspectives on the topic covered.Article 30 Digitalk: A New Literacy for a Digital GenerationArticle 34 All Joy and No Fun: Why Parents Hate ParentingAssignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Wrote a summary for each of the articles.20Described the main points of both the articles, explained how they relate to the week’s topics and text readings, and evaluated the articles on the basis of your own thoughts and perspectives on the topics covered.20Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary and cited all sources using the APA format.10Total: 50


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