Given that part of your bonus is tied to these figures, you are obviously concerned and very motivated to fix the problem.

Actual Question is :

The third-quarter quality figures for the customer call center you manage have been posted. Although your numbers look good, you quickly notice that, compared to other call centers in the company, your ratings for customer service are below average. Given that part of your bonus is tied to these figures, you are obviously concerned and very motivated to fix the problem. You call your counterparts in other call centers to see what they’ve been doing recently and to generate some ideas that might influence customer service. One manager said she instituted a new game called “Answer the Call for Baseball,” where the top 10 customer service representatives get to take off work for a midday baseball game. Another manager in a successful call center has increased his monitoring of reps on the phone and is intervening immediately when a rep doesn’t perform well. A third manager hasn’t done much of anything innovative and said, “I guess my customers are easier to handle than yours.” You sit back in your chair, perplexed to say the least. What is the problem here? What other information would be useful? How would you begin to improve your customer service quality rating? Is the problem definitely with your reps, or could it be something else?

Replies required 1 .

To carefully assess and understand the problem, I’ll first look for the main cause or at least an initiating link which made the team lack behind. I’d like to talk to each and every employee in my team individually and ask them if they are doing okay? If there is something they aren’t happy about or are not comfortable with? Is it too much pressure or is it an absolutely different scenario?

After getting an answer to these questions and analyzing the situation, I’d call a meeting and then talk about the possible solutions or amendments that could be made to ensure our quality services. Giving too many perks and being too nice too often can be misleading sometimes and could result in a really bad outcome in which an employee might just start taking me lightly, would stop focussing on the work too much and completely stop working hard enough because he/she might start taking the perks for granted so for me “The call for baseball” trick won’t do.

I’d like to know if we are even lacking resources, if the employees are not being paid well enough or the working hours are just too tedious without enough breaks. Would they like better equipments to answer the call which might make their job easier or would they like to receive special training according to the constantly changing market trends and customer needs.

It is very important to pin point the “Root Cause” of the problem in order to start working on a problem and finding solutions. If I am unaware go the whole situation in its ultimate transparency, I’d still be solving a problem but at least not this one. It’ll not benefit anyone if problems aren’t discussed thoroughly enough.

After ensuring the cause, I can take next best steps to make sure that the customer service quality is now up to par and if not, then what other decisions can be made.

Maybe there is nothing wrong with the work environment at all, maybe its the employee himself whose lacking. Maybe there is something wrong with his personal life and the situation is making him unstable and hence, affecting the whole team’s performance.

Whatever the case might be, there is no correct answer to a situation like this, its only flawless analysis and vigorous assessments which will help mending the issue.

Also, in addition, if the situation does get out of hands like this one, I’d consider cutting on bonuses and adding motivation by creating a commission based, “Employee of the month” award based scenario in which the other employees will automatically work harder either by envying that person or feeling that they could do much better than that.

Keeping the bonus as a minimum and creating higher commissions should do the job for such cases.

Replies Required 2 :

As specified in the inquiry itself, the issue could be with the delegate or it very well may be whatever else. Also, to discover real issue administrator need to tune in to the calls of delegates. As I for one worked in a similar industry for a half year I know the significance of the nature of the calls. The tone of the agent, comprehension of the item, capacity to comprehend the guest’s concern and proposing appropriate arrangement could be few of the parameters to rate a specific call and in the end rate the delegate. By rating few example calls director will comprehend what is the real issue and reason of beneath normal numbers.


When director accurately discovered the reason, he can think about the potential arrangements, for example, additionally preparing, supervision, Motivation or some other creative thought. Director can rate his agent individally and share the thought with his group and get best out of them.


The issue for this situation could lie either with the client benefit reps or could be something different. To touch base at the wellspring of the issue, you could by and by screen the reps and tune in to their calls. This will examine the nature of reactions given to the clients and will likewise investigate what could be causing the underneath normal appraisals contrasted with other call focuses.


To land at the procedures to enhance client benefit quality, it is important to recognize the purpose for inadmissible numbers. To accomplish this, firstly,you could have a gathering with your reps to learn of the explanations for their absence of satisfactory execution. Furthermore, you could request inputs from the clients to recognize the regions for development. Third, you can watch your representatives while they are grinding away to recognize the regions for development and accommodate trainings.


Once the above advances are executed, at that point motivational plans to energize better profitability and execution from the workers can be planned. Money related and non-budgetary motivating forces to urge the reps to perform better can likewise support the outcomes.

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