Health Promotion Model (Nola Pender) nursing theorist


Health Promotion Model (Nola Pender) nursing theorist (Power Point Presentation)

Each student will present a different nurse theorist. The presentation is to include a description and critique of the theory.  The presentation should be no longer than 20-25 minutes in length. Students not presenting will be expected to participate in any theory discussions presented. Please use the theory presentation rubric for guidelines and grading:

Theory Presentation Rubric

Topic Description Points
Origins of the Theory Background information on theorist.

What motivated the theorist to write the theory?

What approach to theory development did the theorist use?

Description of the Theory Describe the main ideas of the theory (should include the assumptions under which the theory operates)

What are the main concepts?

Evaluation of theory Does theory direct nursing actions that lead to favorable outcomes for patient and staff 20%
Presentation Smooth flow in presentation

Varied use of presentation methods/styles

Creativity in presentation used to engage audience in thinking about the theory

Compliance with time limit (20-25 minutes in length)


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