Heat –Related Emergencies

Heat –Related Emergencies

Please color code your answers

1. Please discuss the following heat related conditions listed in Table 21-1. ( be sure to include symptoms and what to do

2. What is the differences between fever and hyperthermia

3. Discuss 3 other heat illnesses

4. Discuss 7 simple preventive measures to reduce heat stress

5. Discuss 4 caution (DO NOT) related to heat emergencies.

6. Water makes up about _________ to ______________.

7. You lose about _________ of water every day through_____________, _____________,______________, and ______________________.

8. How much water does an adult requires_________________.

9. About 70% of most food is ________________.

10. A working adult can produce _______ or __________ of sweat an hour for short periods and up to _______ to ________ quarts a day.

11. Thirst is a sign of _____________________________________.

12. What color is urine when you are getting enough water?______________________________

13. What color is urine when not drinking enough water?_______________________________

14. Sweat and urine contain______________________ and ___________________

15. The human body requires about __________________ sodium .

16. What is water intoxication ?

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