Those are 4 essay questions:


Describe the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and discuss the reasons why Americans created a weak national government.  Focus on economic and    international issues. What was the Constitution and what changes did it produce       for the national government?



     Discuss how the British government attempted to improve their control over the   thirteen colonies between 1763 and 1774.  Explain each attempt by Parliament and    the results it had in the colonies.



     Discuss the major differences between the principles of the Federalists and the        Republicans.  How was each difference reflected in disputes over specific policies       in the 1790s? Of the differences you listed, which do you think was the most important, and why?



      Summarize the sectional divisions, which led to the Missouri Compromise.  Explain       the details of the Compromise and how the issues were settled. What long-term   consequences did they produce?

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