Identify labor trends

Assignment Purpose:

Identify labor trends

Assignment Description

From the textbook, Case Studies in Health Information Management, follow the instructions to complete case 7-2 – Job Description Analysis

As you work on this case study, research current labor and market trends as it relates to the case study. Also research any appropriate current labor laws.

As part of your supporting answers for your decisions, include references to the current labor trends and current labor laws.

Also explain how this job description could affect the revenue cycle.

Submit your response for grading. Requires at least one reference.

8/23/2018 Vitalsource: Case Studies for Health Information Management!/4/2/2/2@0:0 1/1

CASE 7-2: Job Description Analysis

You are the coding supervisor at a hospital that just increased its number of beds from 75 beds to 150 beds. The facility offers inpatient services, outpatient surgery, ancillary services, and emergency room services. As the volume increases with the increased bed capacity, you will have to increase the number of coders who are in your department. Currently there is only 1 coding job classification—HIM Coder. This position is responsible for coding all services. You are evaluating this practice to determine if you want to continue with the single job classification.

1. What would you recommend? 2. If you recommend more than 1 job classification, what would they be? 3. How would you divide the workload?

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