Introduction to Career Counseling

Below is the information to write on…. attached are some resources to help

An outline of the information contained in the video, Inspiring Career Practitioners to Connect Theory and Practice, is listed below.
Review the information below and research each of the areas. Once you have completed this task, write a 3-5 page paper reflecting on the material you researched and answering the questions below. Use no less than 5 scholarly sources (Do NOT use Internet websites) along with the text to complete this assignment Start the paper by sharing your own perception as to the value of career counseling.

Consider the following theories and theorists: John Holland (Person-Environment Fit) Core concepts Holland’s terms Strengths of theory How practitioners can use the theory How the theory can be applied Practical guidance Donald Super (Life Span) Core concepts Strengths of theory How practitioners can use the theory Dr. Super discusses his theory John Krumboltz (Happenstance) Central focus Strengths of theory Clients who benefit from the theory Guidance for practitioners Instrumental and associative theory Happenstance Nancy Schlossberg (Transition Theory) Core concepts Strengths of theory Guidance for practitioners Where the theory is most useful Sunny Hansen (Integrative Life Planning) Core concepts Strengths of theory Guidance for practitioners Role of spirituality Applications of theory

Then, address the following questions: What insight did you from your research? Discuss which of the theorists you found yourself agreeing with the most, and make sure to include which aspects of his or her theory appealed to you If you were to combine two of the theories presented above into your own integrated theory, which two theories would you choose, and which aspects of these theories do you see as meshing well together? Discuss whether you think that the theory of a particular person is evident in the way questions or the type of questions that might be used for each theory—give at least two examples. On a personal level, which of the theorists listed above would you prefer to work with if you were to do your own career counseling? What is it about his or her style that your find appealing and approachable? Based on what you learned from your research, identify your potential strengths and weaknesses with respect to career counseling.

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