Introduction to creating your own web site using modern tools

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Introduction to creating your own web site using modern tools. This does not require programming. You need about the same technical ability as creating a PowerPoint. You can use any website building tool you wish. Two examples of website building tools that other students have successfully include and

Ok, so exactly what do I need to do in week one? Here is a step-by-step guide:
1) Select one of these or any web site building tools.
2) Create your own url web site address.
3) Add a few words and one picture/image. At this point, you can just say “Hi mom!” or whatever you want (as long as it is “G” rated and grammatically correct). You will develop wonderful rich content starting next week.
4) Optional – Go into tools and remove your site from search engines so someone would need to know your specific web site address and type in specific characters such as” This protects the privacy of your work without requiring passwords for someone to view your site.
5) Publish and test your url. It is wise to try it out in a separate browser than you created it to verify it works.
6) Place your url in BB under the Week One project assignment
7) Congratulate yourself and celebrate! (especially if this is your first site)

Example – Building a web site using

Watch the video on youtube,

HTM 310: Health Informatics Course Project Website

Trying Something New!

HTM 310 Course Project Website

Focus your project on the human impact of information technology

Ultimately, health informatics is about more than just getting technology to work

It is about leveraging technological innovation to work for all the people who collectively comprise our healthcare delivery systems

Types of people/organizations and their needs for connectivity and use of healthcare information, communication, and guidance systems


Target your website to be a reference for a specific audience and include a brief introduction

For example, you may focus this as a guide for

Students – fellow public health or allied health students,

Health professionals – a selected professional groups such as for nurses,  healthcare administrators , physicians, someone working somewhere in the healthcare ecosystem, or

Consumer – simply the health care consumer

Suggested Topics:

For Patients / Caregivers


Pediatric Asthma

Heart Disease

PHRs or Patient Portals




Public Health:

Search public health references / websites for a list of current outbreaks, epidemics, communicable diseases, etc.

Health Informatics (clinicians / healthcare organizations):


Nursing Informatics

Website Considerations

Voice – Overall, hear your own personal voice and not others as you read your paper.

Impact – Express the impact of technology on the lives of people or populations as this is the core value of informatics in action.

Evidence – Include references that confidently substantiate opinions with data and evidence.

Wow – Say to yourself that this project has a “wow” factor. There is something about it that you really want to share with others so the interest and excitement naturally come through. Write as you are publishing in a professional journal and soon you will be. Make this a project to show your abilities to your current or future boss or client.

How should I organize the website?

HOME / ABOUT US Tab: Who? Provide a short introduction and describe your intended audience and purpose

For the patient (for example – improved health, better customer service/more efficient)

For the provider/care team (better decisions due to clinical support, information accessibility)

For the department/organization (financial return on investment, staff retention/satisfaction)

For the community/populations  (improved immunization rates, improved accessibility or affordability of care, better indicators for populations of people with a specific condition such as people with diabetes, asthma, etc. )

RESOURCES Tab: What? Provide information in your own words and provide links to additional websites / resources

Health Informatics: Why? Discuss the value and impact information technology has provided for your intended audience. Identify specific apps and mobile devices, etc. Discuss the role they play on improving healthcare – in your own words. Use data and case studies to support your claim. Consider what progress has been made even though it may not be perfect, focus on process improvements that have been made, outcomes achieved, and lessons learned. Along the way, you may also include ideas and reference the text book.

REFERENCES: Cite your references on a Resource tab, just as you would in a term paper

How to receive an “A”

Followed instructions

Submitted published, working URL on time

Relevant topic

Clearly stated purpose and intended audience

Professional, easy to navigate and well-organized

Free from any spelling, punctuation, grammatical or formatting errors

Use of videos and pictures to support topic

Appropriate use of websites, apps, mobile devices and other technologies (include links)

Substantial content written in own words

Includes data, case studies, outcomes, success stories, etc.

References in APA format

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