Leadership Competencies Development – An IDP

INMGT 400/600 Organizational Leadership Assignment 1

Leadership Competencies Development – An IDP

The Scenario

You have just had a meeting with your boss (leader and mentor) who has strongly suggested that you are too focused on work and that you need to put some balance into your life, take some time for yourself, and expand your horizons. He/she has suggested you take up a new hobby as a way of accomplishing all of these goals. He/she has offered to meet with you again in two weeks to view your IDP (Individual Development Plan) and offer further advice.

Assignment Instructions and Requirements

1. Rename this document, and delete everything except the IDP form at the end of the document

2. Identify one (1) short-term (meaning within the next 12 months or sooner) personal development goal (the acquisition/mastery of a new skill and/or knowledge) you would like to achieve.

IMPORTANT NOTE: NOT a professional or career goal, and not a personal wellness, affirmation, or life goal (Examples of unacceptable goals for this assignment: get my master’s degree, get a job, get married, lose 15 pounds, stop smoking, take a vacation, etc. etc. etc.)

3. In the IDP form write your personal development goal using the SMART format (if you don’t recall or don’t know what the SMART format is then Google it), then list the barriers, if any, that maybe preventing you from being able to start to working on your goal today.

4. Complete the IDP form by identifying the specific objectives/measureable milestones you will use to reach your goal, the specific action you will take to complete each objective, how you will measure your progress and know when you have been successful, and your time line (start date and deadline).

http://shuttersounds.thedailynathan.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/img_7505a.jpg5. That’s it – nothing else – submit your IDP before the stated due date and time. Late submissions will receive no credit (0 points).

An example -DO NOT COPY- of a personal goal (before putting into form):

Before this time next year, I want to learn how to play three songs on the violin; a slow song, a medium-paced song, and a fast song. I don’t currently own a violin and I have never played one before. First I will have to buy a used violin and find someone to give me lessons.

Objectives for achieving goal (after putting into form)

Objectives Actions Required Success Measure Deadline
1 Obtain a violin Check music stores and Craig’s list, buy a used one for $300, or rent one Have obtained a violin 3 weeks from today
2 Learn how to tune it Watch YouTube Have a tuned violin 1 week from getting violin
3 Find someone to give me lessons Check music stores and local newspapers Scheduled weekly lessons with instructor 4 weeks from today
4 Start lessons 6 weeks from today
5 Practice every day Set aside 30 minutes each morning to practice Minimum of 4-hours practice each week 6 months from start of lessons
6 Learn first song Have instructor select a slow easy song, and learn it Play song from memory without any mistakes 2 months from start of lessons
7 Learn second song Have instructor select a medium song, and learn it Play song from memory without any mistakes 4 months from start of lessons
8 Learn third song Have instructor select a fast song, and learn it Play song from music without any mistakes 6 months from start lessons

The following criteria will be used for evaluation:

Personal Development Goal and Explanation (4 points)

Goal is a SMART personal development goal – and explanation of how it makes you a better leader makes sense

Met expectations

(3 or 2 points)

Goal is a partially SMART personal development goal or a SMART non-personal development goal or explanation doesn’t make sense or is missing

Fell short of expectations

(1 point)

Wrote something but Goal is not a personal development goal and not a SMART goal and explanation is missing or doesn’t make sense


Objectives and Plan (4 points)

As presented form is complete, path is clearly defined making goal attainable


Met expectations

(3 or 2 points)

As presented form is mostly complete but missing objectives, pathway to goal lacks clarity

Fell short of expectations

(1 point)

Form is incomplete and missing objectives, no pathway to goal


Professionalism (2 points)

Followed directions, no formatting errors, no writing errors

(1 point)

Followed directions and less than 3 formatting and/or writing errors

(0 points)

Did not follow directions or formatting requirements and/or more than 2 writing errors

Timeliness (penalty -2points) Submitted after the time due but within 24 hrs.

Delete everything above this line


Personal Development Goal:

Explain how you believe achieving this goal will contribute to your effectiveness as a leader:
Barriers to first overcome:
Objectives Actions Required Success Measure Deadline

(add rows as needed)

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