Lyric Analysis: An Annotated Bibliography

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Lyric Analysis: An Annotated Bibliography

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Hoda Javanmardi

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Music 309

October 26, 2017

Lyrical Analysis: An Annotated Bibliography


1989: A brief lyrical analysis Taylor swift releases “first” pop album: ‘1989’. (2014, Oct 29). University Wire Retrieved from

This newspaper article by university Wire briefly examines Taylor swift pop album ‘1989’. By examining Taylor’s previous work, this cannot be compared to anything she has done before. She has mastered the ability to capture sensations of moments through the verses and refrains. The album is somewhat a storyline that highlights her experiences and more meaning is carried though the lyrics of the song. None of Taylor’s album are as personal as 1989. For instance, the song “Bad blood” speaks of her relationship experiences with her close friends. There is much more than what is expressed in the lyrics. This article offers a vivid look on how lyrics can be used to carry deep meaning and pass a message.


Linden, Paul. “Insistency: A New Methodology for Lyrical Analysis.” MEIEA Journal, vol. 16, no. 1, 2016, pp. 125-150, ProQuest Central,

This study examines a research tool that is used in the analysis of popular music lyrics. This method known as insistency supports the analysis of content and lyrical repetition. The latter proves that this method is effective and consistent in analysis the expressions and lyrics given by musicians. By giving examples, the texts in music demonstrate more intimate observations that are usually implemented in music. The author uses a few examples to support the thesis but the weakness lies on whether it can be applies in songs with no motifs. This is essential as it may assist in the analysis of a given lyrics.


“Lyrics.” En.Wikipedia.Org, 2017,

This encyclopedia link provides a definition to the term lyrics and offers a vivid description on how it occurs and how it started. It allows me to understand the fundamental that is involved in lyrical analysis before engaging in the analysis itself. By examining the different techniques used in making of a lyric, it make it easy to understand. In terms of lyrics analysis, this article provides a fundamental to the understanding of a lyrics and how they can be analyzed.

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