Make a post letting us know that you have done this and you verify that student’s information

Once there, in your book or LearnSmart Module for Chapter 2.  Choose a topic from the material in those chapters and go to the internet to do some research and post a minimum of 100 words about that topic.  Be sure to create a clickable link (highlight, click the chain icon above, put web address in box) to the page that you found.  It may not be a .com or .net website.

In addition, please respond to two other students with the following information:

1. You verify that their website exists, it is not a .com or .net website and that their information is correct according to that website.  Make a post letting us know that you have done this and you verify that student’s information.

2. Then, you must research a different website with similar information to confirm or deny the first referenced website’s information.  If you find contradictory information, please say what that information is.  If it confirms the information, make an addition to the original information.

These discussions are worth 10 points each so please be careful to do them properly.  Please read the instructions carefully and if you don’t understand something, please let me know immediately.


I’ve decided to go for the water molecules are cohesive and adhesive. I want you to figure out the mechanism behind the cohesive and adhesive force that the water molecule exert on each other and towards the wall of the container. Please do follow the instruction written above thank you!

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