On two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Joshua Hasberger and Victor Rodriguez

On two different paragraph give your personal opinion to Joshua Hasberger and Victor Rodriguez

Joshua Hasberger 

I actually learned a lot through taking this course.  For starters I actually had no idea how to distinguish Ethics and what it was about.  I never really had an ethics course before this.  This is also the first course that dealt with healthcare administration as well.  I had an idea about what healthcare administrators were but I did not really know what they did so learning about that will definitely help in my career path. Learning and practicing resolving bioethical and political issues will be beneficial as well on my healthcare administrator roll.  Along with that, any sort of lessons involving leadership are always beneficial towards my career.

When it comes to the ethical theories learned, I would like to incorporate the theory of justice into my leadership strategy.  Everyone is entitled to equal treatment no matter what.  I would like to be fair and practical even if that is the hardest path to take.

For the leadership style assessment I actually got the one that stated that this career path would be good for me.  The things it said were pretty accurate and I think it will be beneficial to know about for the future.  I can honestly say, I was surprised at its accuracy to judge my character.

The development of the healthcare advocacy plan helped me to practice.  I had no idea what a white paper was before I wrote it so I think that knowledge will be beneficial as well.  Being able to distinguish certain issues and work out the details will also help me out in my career.  I was a bit nervous about it but I am glad I reached out and was able to learn more about my career in the process.

Victor Rodriguez

I have truly enjoyed this class the most.  Of all the topics in this course, the leadership topic will help me the most in my role as a practicing healthcare administrator.  I’m always working on myself to be the best I can be. I want people to be able to look at me as a confident leader and not another manager.  Assessing my leadership style really helped me know what works for me and what doesn’t. Although it didn’t surprise me to know that I have a democratic leadership style because I run my home the same way.  Of all the ethical theories, logotherapy really spoke to me. From my research, I think logotherapy could work in a business setting. Instead of searching for meaning in a person’s life, it could be searching for meaning in a person’s work.  It could really help people do what they love and be passionate about their work. Developing a healthcare advocacy plan didn’t help me prepare for my healthcare career, but it did open my eyes to my lifestyle because it was focused on the community I currently live in.  As a family, we have made some changes to our health and well-being.

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