Parenting Middle Childhood & Teens

Parenting teens. Hm. I describe teenagers as  “2 year-olds in big bodies.” Their developmental milestones are not very different from the toddler, really. They tend to think they are the center of the universe. They want to stand on their own two feet. And you as the parent must not be seen with them. They are separating from the parental unit and gaining more independence. I remember driving my 14 year-old daughter to the mall. She said, “Drop me off here. I don’t want my friends to see you.” 🙁

What’s really tough for parents is the fact that adolescence is the most dangerous time of their lives–hormones, driving, sex, alcohol, hormones, drugs, first important romantic relationships, hormones. We want to hold them closer and wrap them in cotton, while simultaneously, they want to get away from us! Tough few years for teens and parents, at least in Western society.

You’ll have some choice in your research and posts this week. Please find the most recent research and demographic data to include in your post. Here are the topics from which you can choose:

1. Parenting the teen on the autism spectrum

2. Parenting the teen who just came out to you as being something other than heterosexual

3. Parenting the teen who is being bullied at school

4. Parenting the teen who is addicted to alcohol or other drugs

5. Parenting the teen who is always angry, doesn’t listen, and constantly fights with you

In your post, tell us how common this is, causes, resources (including at least one resource in your own community & tell us what they offer), and the strategies you would use in reaching out to your teen. Please cite and reference your sources in correct APA format

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