Patient Safety Workplace Stress: Intermountain Healthcare


Utilizing evidence-based literature and quality standards, propose an initiative that addresses your problem selected in Milestone One. If you chose a problem in your workplace, be sure to utilize data from that healthcare organization; if you created a hypothetical healthcare organization, you may use a public domain database with instructor permission. You will also implement your performance improvement initiative and discuss what success of the performance improvement plan will look like after implementation. As this is a scholarly initiative, this assignment must adhere to all APA requirements and formatting, and include peer-reviewed and evidence-based sources to support any and all claims. As you develop this final part of the assignment, consider the following prompts to formulate your paper.


III. Performance Improvement Initiative A. Propose an initiative that will address this problem within the department of your chosen healthcare organization. What specific relevant quality standard will this quality initiative address? B. Discuss the data determinants of success, as related to this initiative. In other words, what type of data will be indicative of a quality outcome?


IV. Implementation of the Plan in the Organization A. What interdepartmental communication channels will be used for plan implementation? B. What manner of data interpretation will be used to communicate the findings within the organization? C. If this initiative was implemented, what do you believe would be the hypothetical effect(s) on patient care outcomes? How will health information systems support those improvements in patient care? D. What do you think the hypothetical effect of the quality or performance initiative will be on the culture of safety within the organization?


Guidelines for Submission: This paper should be two to five pages in length, not including the cover page or reference page. Use APA format for the reference list and all internal citations.

Patient Safety Workplace Stress: Intermountain Healthcare

Bonnilia Johnson




March 10, 2019

Patient Safety Workplace Stress: Intermountain Healthcare

At Intermountain Healthcare, we have understood the standards of determined improvement and of being a learning alliance. Furthermore, we are known for our pledge to confirm based idea. There is no responsibility sensibly essential to our guideline goal of “helping individuals live the most profitable lives conceivable,” and nothing logically key to our vision of giving exceptional idea, then with respect to the trust our patients and their friends and family spot in us. Ensuring our patients is our first commitment in as for that trust.

Intermountain is inciting an exertion proposed to engage us to make a broadly more grounded culture of security. The Intermountain approach of portraying yearning improvement goals in our center business – thinking about patients, and utilizing affirmation-based structures, strategies, and contraptions to accomplish those objectives – isn’t various to us.

In coming months, we will thoroughly evaluate our present frameworks through talked with staff and parental figures. Working social affairs at every office will make anticipating express gadgets proposed to enable us to improve by making a culture that underpins quiet success at every estimation.

Trustees excited about considering this crucial undertaking can contact their board contacts for data about our steady improvement endeavors at neighborhood Intermountain focuses.

Trustee Contributions

Our board individuals acknowledge a key occupation in quality and patient security at our remedial offices:

• Set clear destinations to screen and formally audit quiet quality execution estimation reports and use information for overhauls.

• Serve in a basic activity action for the emergency focus’ therapeutic staff and direct dynamic chats with helpful staff on quality and patient flourishing systems.

• Help keep up nature of thought oversight, advance quality and flourishing getting ready, and guarantee assets are directed to improve process.

• Hold senior pioneers accountable for thought inside the office and confirmation consistence with definitive and accreditation benchmarks.

Quiet Identification and Safety

Intermountain Medical Group respects your security. To ensure we give the correct idea we will avow your unquestionable confirmation at each experience, and we request that you ask that we’ve checked. We may in like way request that endorsement snap your picture or request singular ID to solidify into your remedial record and improve our security attempts. Reference:

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Managing Work Stress: Tips for Dealing with Day-to-Day Stress in the Workplace. Retrieved from

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