For Group Assignment 3, provide a detailed and developed response to the question in the PDF called “Group Assignment 3 The Firefighter’s Dilemma” (provided as an attachment to this discussion).  If you are in the “Utilitarians” group, you must answer the question according to utilitarianism; if you are in the “Deontologists” group, you must respond according to “deontology/duty theory” (Kant); if you are in the “Virtue Ethicists” group, you must respond according to Virtue Ethics.  Briefly explain the important aspects of the theory you are using, and then provide your response to the firefighter’s dilemma, clearly demonstrating how your response is in accord with the moral theory you have been assigned.  Do not include any personal opinions or theories other than the theory you have been assigned, or your group will fail the assignment.


( I am in “Utilitarians” group!!    One paragraph response. (at least 6 complete sentences)

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