Politeness and intercultural communication


According to the English oxford dictionary values can be defined as the principles an individual or a society upholds. Values influence our behaviors and attitudes, now in the US there are a number of cultural patterns nevertheless quite a number are similar to my values. As a person who believes in activity orientation more often than not I look forward to my off work hours for this allows me to catch up with family and friends for meals, play and prayer besides that it is time for self-improvement and development. Our societies are always changing and this makes me flexible to avoid stagnating. Equality is also of essence to me, am a firm believer of gender equality and disparity after all, all men were created equal. In the US need for achievement is individual everyone wants to succeed as an individual so do l, after all we win as a group but die as individuals. Time orientation- we live in a society where time is limited therefore we have to make the best out of it, time is viewed as a commodity. in my opinion values tend to vary from one individual to the other as well as from one society to the other however to me this three values are important to me;

i) time orientation

ii) Self-motivation

iii) Activity orientation

this because they help govern my life. These values were introduced to me by a life coach who was basically trying to educate us on the importance of having values that are flexible to your long term and short term goals and this was when l was in high school.

Now this values over time have affected my communication with other people consciously or unconsciously and this is mainly because as a human being l have to interact with other people, we are told no man is a Iceland and in doing so l build up relationships with different people, from different ethnicities as well as cultures whether personal or business wise and one has to factor in two of the three values not knowing if you will benefit from it or other wise, learn from it or otherwise.

Politeness and intercultural communication


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