Preventing Double-Billing Errors

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Week 3 Discussion

Discussion Question 1: Preventing Double-Billing Errors

Padding a bill or double-billing a client for the same charges are serious errors, which may result in disciplinary action and penalties. Research your state’s bar rules of professional responsibility regarding billing and locate a case from your state that discusses attorney discipline or sanctions for billing errors.

After sharing your findings with the class, identify the procedures a law office should take to prevent double-billing errors, including at least one (1) source outside of class materials. Be sure to properly cite your sources and to summarize the case in your own words.

Please Us another APA formatted Document for Question 2 The questions are to be done due to having to place them to the threads in the classroom.

Discussion Question 2: Conflicts of Interest Checkers

Conflict checkers allow you to check for potential conflicts of interest. Many times conflict checkers are included with time-and-billing software, but they are also available standalone. Using your version of Clio, try out the Conflicts Checker.

Based on your experience with the Conflicts Checker, respond to the following:

· How does a conflict checker operate?

· What are its features?

· Do you think modern law firms can operate without using such a software program and still uphold their ethical obligations regarding client conflicts of interest?

Provide your views and validate them with appropriate reasons. Include at least one source outside of class materials, and cite your sources using APA format.

Using your version of Clio, try out the Conflicts Checker.

Please see the following support article, which will provide more details on how to perform a conflict check in Clio:

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