“Prohibits the release of confidential data without the consent”

Dr. Eham Ajlouni PHC 131

Week 6: Chapter 5 (Sources of Data for Use in Epidemiology)

Please choose the most appropriate answer: (10 points)

Q1. To protect the confidentiality of persons, the Act provides:

a. “Prohibits the release of confidential data without the consent”

b. “Mandates the release of government information to the public, except for personal and medical files”

c. Protects confidentiality of information collected by some federal agencies

d. Protects confidentiality of information collected by some states

Q2. Benefits of Data Sharing like:

a. Decrease knowledge from research.

b. Increase knowledge from research.

c. Improve communications

d. Increase the cost of publishing

Q3. Vital Registration System includes:

a. certificates of birth

b. certificates of education

c. certificates of excellence

d. certificates of work

Q 4- Limitations of Mortality Data such as:

a. Errors in coding

b. Failure of physician to use forms

c. Mothers’ recall of events

d. No generalization

Q5- A limitation of Screening Surveys is:

a. Clientele are highly selective

b. Lack of transportation

c. Level of education

d. Social discrimination

Q6- Benefits of Health Examination Survey such as:

a. Collects cancer data.

b. Patient tracking

c. Provides information of cancer trends

d. Provides information not known before

Q7- Insurance Data sources like :

a. Birth certificates

b. Death certificates

c. Hospital data

d. Social Security

Q8- Benefits of Data from Physicians’ Practices:

a. Confidentiality of patient data

b. Highly selected group of patients

c. Lack of collected data standardization

Q9- Census is administered every:

a. 1 year

b. 2 years

c. 5 years

d. 10 years

Q10- Morbidity Data from the Armed Forces can be used for :

a. Records of absenteeism from work or school

b. Historical Statistics of patients

c. Studies investigating genetic factors in obesity

d. Studies of intelligence and mental retardation

Short answers: (5 points)

Q1. Write three Criteria for the Quality of Epidemiologic Data

Q2. List four Sources of Epidemiologic Data

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