Proposal for Issues Analysis Paper

Proposal for Issues Analysis Paper

During this week you will propose a topic for your week 7 Issue Analysis Paper. This week you, select a topic, issue or subject relating to sports psychology and collect and briefly summarize, in your own words (no copying allowed), 5 sources that will be used for writing this Issue Analysis Paper. If you have difficulty thinking of a topic, one suggestion is to review the table of contents/themes in our reading. Here, you will find key sport psychology issues that may lead you to a topic.

Your 5 sources must include a combination of scholarly research journals, internet, text, and other sources. Course reading materials are not allowed as references.

First: Identify your research idea with a short summary:

Second: list each source, a reference in APA Format, under each source, complete a paragraph describing the selected source and how it applies to your research topic.

Include a title page with your work………

Complete this assignment in a single document titled Topic Proposal for Issue Analysis Paper and formatted per APA formatted criteria. You must submit this assignment as a Word document.

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