The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate skills developed using Access. In this assignment, you are to create a database as described below.


You are the owner of a highly successful Mediterranean Restaurant, and your clientele is grown due to the overwhelming signature Gyros the restaurant serves. Up until now, you have been using a rolodex to keep track of your vendors. However, you have completed your computer class and learned how to use MS Access. It is now time to put the skills to the test and create a more sophisticated tracking system. Your database will contain information on each supply item and the vendor contact information that sells the item.


·       You must use Access to complete this assignment.  Using other software will result in a grade of zero.

·       When you are finished, your database must contain TWO tables, Suppliers and Products.

·       The Suppliers table must contain the following fields:

o   Vendor ID

o   Vendor Name

o   Contact name

o   Business Phone (use input mask)

o   Email

o   You must have at least (10) different records. You need to make up this data, it is not provided.

·       The Products table must contain the following fields:

o   sequence (AutoNumber)

o   Product Brand

o   Product Description

o   Vendor ID

o    You should have at least (4) vendors selling the same item. You need to make up the data, it is not provided.

·       You should create one report that groups all products by vendor, listing out each product the vendor supplies, sorting the products by name alphabetically.

·       The report should be formatted in a manner that gives a professional appearance, with columns aligned.

·       Finally, you need to use forms to give a user-friendly way to input, add, and update data in the tables.  

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