Sensory Activity Worksheet

Fill out the sensory activity sheet.

There are four sections to this assignment each with an activity portion and a set of reflective questions. The list of necessary items are listed at the beginning of each section and should be readily accessible items. For the hearing portion, you will need to access and listen to the audio file.

Since i can’t download the audio file, i explain what is in the file:

Speaker reads 10 words with 3 different tone, column A the words was read as high frequency tone was lost, it was really hard to hear it , i could recognize just 3 words right. That shows how elderly with difficulty hearing, hear the words and they don’t aware that they lost this ability and think that people mumble. column B is  like normal tone, i hears all words correct ,except for the last word which was ‘juice” and i heard the word like moose. Column C is like column B almost is easy to hear it, it shows low frequency lost tone,i heard all words right. this show how elderly with decline sense of hearing hear the words. I filled the column already to show how i heard the words based on audio file , because you don’t have the audio file to listen .

Now with this information regarding audio file fill out the work sheet.

Module 3: Assignment 1: Sensory Activity Worksheet

Sight Activity

Supplies Needed

• Sunglasses or glasses. Place a small amount of Vaseline (or lotion) on the lens of the sunglasses/glasses. Do not over apply.

• Textbook

• Pen or pencil

Activity Description

Imagine you are in class and you have just been told of a pop quiz. You will be allowed to use your textbook but you only have 5 minutes to complete the quiz. Put on the sunglasses and complete the following fill-in-the blank quiz (answers really are in your textbook)

1. Among the most significant age-related changes is lowered efficiency of gas exchange and reduced ability to handle ________________.

2. The most significant age-related changes in the arteries are reduced _______________ and _________________.

3. In normal aging, the heart valves separating the chambers _______________ and ______________ as a result of lipid deposits and collagen cross-linking.

Answer the Sight Activity Reflection Questions:
1. Was the activity easy/difficult for you? Why? (provide a rationale)
2. List 3 thoughts or feelings you experienced when you were looking up the answers?



3. Describe 3 thoughts/feelings you experienced in this exercise due to the time constraints (pressure to finish on time).



Hearing Activity

Supplies Needed

• The “Unfair Hearing Test” audio file located under the Module 3 Assignment just above where you retrieved this document (click on the audio file). There are two versions (both are the same) because some browsers work better with one file format than others.

Activity Description

As you listen to the sounds on the audio file, write down (or type) what you hear being said. The tape will go through the words three times, simulating different levels of hearing loss each time (Series A, series B, series C). Do not worry about not being able to hear everything clearly, that is the point. Do your best.

Series A Series B Series C
1.Fill 1.Fill 1.Fill
2.Cat 2.Catch 2.Catch
3.Tom 3.Thumb 3.Thumb
4.Hip 4.Heap 4.Heap
5.Why 5.Wise 5.Wise
6.When 6.Wedge 6.Wedge
7.Fish 7.Fish 7.Fish
8.Shows 8.Shows 8.Shows
9.Bed 9.Dead 9.Dead
10.Dose 10.Goose 10.juice

Answer the Hearing Activity Reflection Questions:
4. Compare the words you heard to the key below. How many and which words did you hear correctly?
5. As the nurse, provide two explanations of what this would mean while teaching an elderly patient about their Digoxin dosage.


6. In a situation where you are the patient with hearing loss, describe two compensatory methods you could use in a conversation in which you are receiving discharge instructions if you could understand only about a quarter of the words? (The person speaking to you does not know you have hearing loss.)


** Unfair Hearing Test Answer Key:

1. Fill

2. Catch

3. Thumb

4. Heap

5. Wise

6. Wedge

7. Fish

8. Shows

9. Dead

10. Juice


Smell/Taste Activity

Supplies Needed

• Chocolate kiss candy (or some other piece of chocolate). If you do not like chocolate (or are allergic) please choose something edible that you enjoy the taste and smell of for this activity.

Activity Description

Unwrap or open the candy. Now pinch your nostrils closed while eating the candy. Describe the taste. Because you can’t smell the chocolate, it should taste different. This is similar to what happens as we age. When we can’t smell the food, it doesn’t have the same appealing taste, either.

Answer the Smell/Taste Activity Reflection Questions:
7. Identify 2 implications this could have for individuals regarding diet and nutrition?


8. Provide 3 methods of how this activity will help you relate to older people in real-life situations?



9. Explain how loss of taste and smell affect how older individuals interact with others socially.


Touch and Dexterity Activity

Supplies Needed

• transparent tape • deck of playing cards

• gloves • 12 inches of ribbon or string

• coin purse with coins/change • amber or yellow glasses

• medicine bottle with colored buttons (or candy)

Activity Description

Place transparent tape around each of your upper finger joints so your fingers will feel stiff. Place a glove on each hand so you feel as if you have a reduced sense of touch. Once you have the transparent tape and gloves on your hands, complete up to four routine tasks. The tasks include:

1. Tie the ribbon into a bow.

2. Use the coin purse to count out change for an item.

3. Shuffle cards.

4. Open a medicine bottle. Count out two pills (buttons, etc.).

Answer the Touch and Dexterity Activity Reflection Questions:
10. List 3 sensations you felt during these activities?



11. Were the routine tasks easy/difficult for you? Explain your feelings.
12. List 2 methods these activities help you relate to older people in real-life situations


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