Test in PSY

Before you send handshakes I am going to really look over your profile if your major was not PSY than please do not waste my time and I assure you I will not waste yours either.

  This is what I would need is someone to log into my College Account as me, and go to PSY105 and you would go to week 4 and scroll down till you see QUIZ it is on Chapters 1 2 3 and 4 it is worth 150 points I do not expect PERFECT but I expect it to be pretty darn near. This is the only way I know to do it is for you if your are qualified in this field and are at least 95% sure you can pass it than I would like to do the Handshake for the entire deal at once basically we would shake for the total price and if you DO NOT DO IT I WILL DISPUTE YOU AND I WILL AND I NEVER GIVE BAD RATINGS NOT EVEN WHEN I SHOULD HAVE those of you that have worked with me know this already. So if you are interested make sure that you at least have your BA I really would like a Professor to do this but I will if you are sure hire you. I would like to have this all paid for in full tonight and the test be done tonight remember it is a timed test 90 mins if you do not finish the system will keep you out. Now please bid carefully cause I will dispute any grade lower than a B- Thank you all in advance. Laura 


P.S Remember do the handshake for the total amount so we do not have to do it all over again Thanks 

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