The Ethics and Human Protection course is a very useful resource, and which provides variety of information related ethics, ethical committee , consent, ethical issues and solutions for the problem.

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Discussion #1

The Ethics and Human Protection course is a very useful resource, and which provides variety of information related ethics, ethical committee , consent, ethical issues and solutions for the problem. Even this course highlights the history of ethics and how research conducted in the past. This course boosts the knowledge of the health care provides to handle ethics.

”Any elements for the protection of human subjects in research around the world is the review and approval of proposed research by an independent committee, known in the United States as an institutional review board (IRB)” (Pritchard,2011,p.1). According to Cook and Hoas (2011) many institutions still retain their own IRBs, however there is new entities such as commercial IRBs and community-based IRBs are now players in the oversight of human subjects research.  An ethic committee plays an integral part in each organization. In my organization we have nursing research council and  ethic committee. Nursing research council  exists to foster the spirit of inquiry around nursing practice by providing a forum for strategic planning, guidance and oversight of nursing research and evidence-based practice. They review data related to nursing practice and patient outcomes and initiates studies or changes in practice that will improve organizational performance.   Members include staff Registered Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Clinical Educators, Nursing Leaders, Decision Support, IRB Liaison, Senior Nursing Leaders and local university faculty. Any research or study conducts in the organization should meet the federal guidelines.

Ethic committee involves providing support and guidelines for patients and employees. They can resolve ethical dilemma related to health care. The consultation of the ethics committee can offer recommendations that the members of the health care team and patient (or patient’s family) may use in their decision-making.  Certain situations, such as moral distress about a health care decision or a complex medical situation that also raises ethical concerns, we need ethical consultation.

This ethics committee supplements and develops the clinical ethics education of the medical staff and  other hospital personnel. In addition to that they assist with formulation of policies and guidelines addressing ethical issues. If any study or survey conduct within the organization , an approval of the ethic committee should be obtained to prevent conflicts. It is important  to get the consent of the involving  individuals.

The committee members should have some qualification. All members are expected to complete orientation and comply with all the committee education and participation requirements. Information shared within the Committee should be confidential.

Discussion #2

I thought this course was quite informative. The hospital I am employed at is a teaching hospital and research involving human participants is done regularly at the hospital. For example, couple months ago, we were apart of a research study that uses balloon-less Foley catheter systems. The committee that regulates the research done at the hospital is the University of South Florida Institutional review board (Tampa General Hospital, 2014). The committee reviews proposals that are submitted via their websites. The composition of the members on the IRB committee are physicians, nurses, clergy, lawyers, scientist and community lay person (Tampa General Hospital, 2014). Federal guidelines for conducting research involving human participants includes addressing the following: risk to subjects, benefits of research to others and the subject, adequate protection against risk to the subjects, the purpose of the information that will be gain from performing the study, a plan to monitor and collect data and a safety monitoring board for when the trails are at phase III (National Institutes of Health, 2019). This committee meets guidelines by requires answers to all these questions in the application process, having the researchers complete training prior to applying and requiring the researcher to have members of a research group. The most important part of any research involving human subject is informed consent. At Tampa General hospital, informed consent, is a big part of the application process to conduct research at this hospital. Regulations are set in place that require informed consent to protect human subjects when participating in clinical research (Gupta, 2013).

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