Web Exploration: Applying Theory to Education

Web Exploration: Applying Theory to Education

Use the internet to locate a lesson, exercise, assignment, activity, or lesson plan that provides an example of an application of one of the concepts from cognitive developmental theory reviewed in Module Four. This should be an actual lesson or activity that would work in a classroom.

In your journal, include the following: A description of the lesson or activity as well as the      age range or developmental stage targeted by the lesson The theory and concept demonstrated by the lesson A reflection on how the assignment, lesson, or exercise      demonstrates the cognitive developmental theory and if it will actually      promote or impact cognitive development

Guidelines for Submission: Submit assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Journal assignments must follow APA-style citations, and word count must be a minimum of 350 to a maximum of 750 words

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