What can Wanda do to try to ensure Edith’s cooperation?

Module 11 Discussion – Patient Compliance 1 full page. No need for APA formatting. thanks . Just read the sentences and answer the questions. Edith Dawson came to Rasmussen Clinic because she was experiencing sight disturbances, constant thirst, and fainting spells. After examining Edith, Dr. Sobiech ordered a glucose tolerance test. Certified Medical Assistant Wanda Lawry gave Edith a special diet that she was to follow for the 3 days preceding the test and instructions regarding fasting before the test. Edith has returned to the clinic to have test. “Did you follow the diet I have you Mrs. Dawson?” Wanda asks. “Yes I did.” “Did you have anything to eat this morning?” “No, but I did have a cup of coffee. I thought it would be all right because I drank it black. I can’t start the day without my coffee.” Should Wanda perform the test? Explain your answer. How can Wanda emphasize the importance of following the diet, fasting, and test instructions? What can Wanda do to try to ensure Edith’s cooperation?

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