What do I need to do to be successful leader?

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What do I need to do to be successful leader?

Based in my daily activity pie chart, I have noticed that I am working hard to meet my goals to be successful leader; however I have noticed my effort does not meet my goals for two reasons. First, I am not organizing my day to take full advanteges of my time. second, I am spending some of my effort and my work in things that does not help me to meet my goals.

For the reasons I mentioned above, I should make a plan to meet my goal and break it dowen to make plans for every semester, every month every week, and every day. All these planes should take me steps to my big goals. I would like to start my day by planning for my duties and by the end of the day I will judge my plan to see what I have done and what I have not done. I will see what reasons prevent me to not doing what I supposed to do. From that point I will make feed back for my self and will ask for feedback from others to help making my next day plan. Similarly, I will do with my month plan and my semester plan.

Others things I need to do is taking full advatiges of my effort. By the end of every day I become very tired and I don’t see that I have done every thing that has to be done. For this reason I think I need to prioritize my duties beside managing my time. I have noticed that I am doing so much things I do not have to do it or I can do it later. That resulted in not doing things that has to be done immediately. There are small things I do every day I thought it will not take my time. for example, I read news, check social media, watch TV, read unrelevant subjects etc…

These small things take my time and my effort in something that is unrelavant to my goals.

In conclusion, I need to make plan for every aspect and step to meet my goals beside catogrised my daily activity in meaningfull catgories to understand what I am doing. Based on that I will organize my thought and priotrtize my duties. In this way I think I will be successful leader.

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