What federal or state agency is responsible for enforcement?

Build on Assignment #1.  Health care problem:  Veterans may suffer from service-related injuries, both physical and mental health are concerns for the VA. (Will attach assignment 1)

Complete the following using the format provided. Except for titles, the narrative format is expected with complete sentences. The table should be single-spaced maximum 2.5 pages. Also, include a cover page and a reference page in APA Format.

HGMT 310 Assignment #2

Student Name:

Type your name here.

Assignment #2 Title:

Provide the title of your topic in this section and the official title of the legislation 

Agency Responsible for Implementation:

Identify the agency and subunit (such as a bureau or office) responsible for implementing the policy.  If multiple agencies are involved indicate who is responsible for what. 

Agency Responsible for Enforcement:

What federal or state agency is responsible for enforcement?

What are the key areas for enforcement (provider, payer, producer, patient)?


How is the legislation implemented?

Discuss any programs that were implemented as a result of this policy.

What federal or state agency is charged with its implementation? 

Are local public health departments involved?

Are collaborating organizations engaged to achieve the aims of the policy? 

Are citizen’s involved?

Health providers or organizations?

Are grants awarded to organizations to execute the policy (i.e. FDA, CDC, etc)?

Impact on Health Service Organizations:

What does a Health Care Manager need to know about this legislation? Does the implementation of this policy impact how Healthcare Managers deliver services? 

Include five bullets on how this legislation impacts health services organizations operating in your home state.


What internet resources are available to health organizations to find updates on programs implemented as a result of the policy you described? 

All sections of Assignment #2 are required

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