what is the purpose of different BLAST programs

After reading Pevsner’s textbook chapters 3 and 4,
briefly (up to ~ 1 page) describe in your own words:

1.  what is BLAST,

2.  what is the purpose of different BLAST programs (e.g., BLASTP versus TBLASTN),

3.  what are the main parameters of BLAST (from your point of view) – and why you think they are more important than others,

4.  describe a hypothetical question (feel free to use your own examples, though), which can be answered using (i) BLASTN or (ii) BLASTP, and describe why each tool is more/less appropriate than the other in such case [for example, you can describe an example for BLASTP, and then justify why BLASTN is not appropriate in this case]. Feel free to supplement your answer with a table/figure/concept map, which can be included in your Word file, or uploaded separately.

I need it tomorrow morning.

Thank you

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