What will you do? What instruments will you use to measure sexual attitudes?

This is a group assignment, and I am only responsible for 1 bullet. You must submit original work and must cite references.

The bullet I’m responsible for is Describe the research method. What will you do? What instruments will you use to measure sexual attitudes?

Developmental Research

PSYCH/610 Version 2


University of Phoenix Material- Learning Team B

Developmental Research

Imagine that your Learning Team has received funding to study changes in sexual attitudes over time. Your task is to design a developmental research study to investigate this issue. Your team will outline one of the following: cross-sectional study, longitudinal study or sequential study. Identify which type of design your team decided to use and explain why you decided on this method. Complete the table below and submit it to your instructor.

Type of design (cross-sectional, longitudinal or sequential) and rational for selecting this type of design
Propose a research hypothesis and a null hypothesis.
Who will your participants be? How will you recruit them? What concerns do you have in selecting your participants? How do you know your participants are representative of the population? The participates for this study will include 50 college students and professors ranging in age from 19 to 55; of which 25 male and 25 female will be randomly selected.

There will be an advertise on the university’s web page as well as post on the community bulletin board asking for random volunteers to participate in a study on sexual attitudes. Participants will complete a pre-test questionnaire on their sexual attitudes. All participates will be required to complete an inform consent form, explaining they will have answer the questionnaire at a later date, and that they have a right to leave the study at any time.

The main concerns regarding this study would include possible bias from, cultural differences, age and religious factors, regarding their preconceived views toward sexual attitudes. The way researcher are reducing this issues is by using random participates.

Most colleges and universities have a large diverse population; there should be no issues with representation regarding the diversity of the study, because of how multicultural and socially economic the college is..

Describe the research method. What will you do? What instruments will you use to measure sexual attitudes?
Identify your independent and dependent variables
How will you analyze your data? Propose at least one statistical test that you might use.
Imagine that your results are consistent with your research hypothesis. What does this mean? How might this information be helpful to others?


Cozby, P.C. & Bates, S. C. (2015). Methods in behavioral research (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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